Here are my most recents projects

Since July, 2016

Codentrepreneur - Learn to code by cloning real-life startups

Entrepreneurship Teaching methods Ruby on Rails Angular.js Ionic Stripe API

About this project

Codentrepreneur provides french online video courses. Every lesson teachs you one programming language and one or more other technologies in order to clone a real-life startup. It is meant to help tech and non-tech people as marketers, designers, founders, students etc to learn code. Learning by creating a real great product is much more motivating and practical than reading tutorials or books. Everyone is able to solve a real problem.

What you learn with Codentrepreneur can be reused for your own product. That helps you develop your MVP faster, easier and cheaper!

Why do I have created Codentrepreneur?

I've started this project for 3 main reasons :

  • Success of teaching method created by Leo Trieu with Code4startup
  • Real difficulty for French people to speak/understand english, which is a friction to follow online courses about technical skills
  • My observation when I took part in 2-months training @ TheFamily: many entrepreneurs have good idea, but no technical skills. They are compelled to hire developer(s), which represents a significant cost.

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May, 2015 - July, 2016

1 year

Timeshot - Gathering event's photos becomes easy

Cordova Angular.js Ionic Swift Parse Entrepreneurship Team Leading Management

About this project

Timeshot was born after a surf trip with 60 students from my univeristy. During the trip, we all took many photos and wanted to share between all of us. At the end of the journey, we created a shared folder on Google Drive, where everybody was supposed to upload his photos. But finally, nobody did it. That's why I imagine a mobile app allowing users to create a shared album, invite friends and then take pictures sent instantaneously within the album and visible by all contributors.


  • May, 2015 :
    • Won 2nd prize at Startup Weekend Compiègne
  • September, 2015 :
    • Laureate and earned 2000€ at Innovative Projects Contest organized by the UTC
  • October, 2015 - November, 2015 :
    • Started a 2-month "Product Design" training at TheFamily
    • Developed a MVP of Timeshot using Facebook API, Cordova, Angular.js & Ionic
  • December, 2015 :
    • Released Timeshot on the PlayStore
    • Laureate and earned 2000€ at "Appel à projet Friche Numérique" organized by Picardy Region
  • January, 2016 :
    • Released Timeshot on the AppStore
    • Get 300+ users
    • Noticed a lack of performances due to cross-platform usage
  • February, 2016 :
    • Recruitment of 5 developers to develop new version using native languages on Android & iOS
    • Learnt Swift in 1 week
  • March, 2016 :
    • Started to develop new version of Timeshot using Swift
  • May, 2016 :
    • Released new version of Timeshot on the AppStore
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May 2016

2 weeks

iOS Libraries - 1000+ libraries for iOS developers

PHP CodeIgniter Bootstrap Javascript MVC

About this project

iOS Libraries gathers 1000+ libraries for iOS, written in Swift or Objective-C. You can easily search for a library by key words or category. It helps iOS developers to quickly find what they need and avoid reinventing the wheel.

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March 2016 - May 2016

3 months

Le Verger de Beya - Developed a website from scratch to production

PHP CodeIgniter Semantic Javascript MVC UX

About this project

Le Verger de Beya is a fruits and vegetables merchant located in Vélizy (78). The manager wanted to improve his brand and to have more visibily on the Internet. We designed and developed a website from scratch to respond to his needs. The front-office allows users to see all the fruits and vegetables sold by Le Verger de Beya, their descriptions, their prices... The back-office allows the manager to manage his products easily and quickly.

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January 2017

2 weeks

University project - Couchsurfing mobile app

React Native Javascript Teamwork Git

About this project

For one of our course, we had to develop a mobile using the technology that we wanted. Since I heard a lot about React Native, I choose to use it and develop a couchsurfing app with 2 classmates. Due to the lack of time and course's needs, we didn't created a back-end, and focused our work on designing the user experience and developing the app.

  • A user can search for an accomodation anywhere in the world
  • A user can filter the results depending on the dates, the number of guests...
  • A user can see a summary of his reservations on a calendar
  • Each accomodation have a detailed page with photos, descriptions...
  • A user can manage his incoming and outgoing requests
  • A user can manager his own profil and his accomodation page

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December 2015 - January 2016

2 months

University project - Crowdfunding platform

Database design Java/JEE Hibernate Teamwork Git MySQL

About this project

As part of one of my course, I had to developed a crowdfunding platform in collaboration with 2 classmates. First, we designed the entire database, setted up Hibernate ORM, Tomcat server ... Then, we developed all the required features :

  • Managing different states for a project : Draft, In voting, In funding, Funded ...
  • Sign up and secured authentication
  • Creating, Editing, Deleting a new project
  • Searching for projects by name, category ...
  • Displaying projects by category, states ...
  • Voting for a project
  • Pledging in a project
  • Commenting on a project
  • Administration space to manage users, projects, comments ...

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